Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aubergines Cafe in South Fremantle

This is a recant commission by the crew at Aubergines Cafe in South Fremantle. The brief that I got was to incorporate a goat and a coffee tree. The story goes that a goat herder saw his goats peaking after eating from a strange bush and hence we now have coffee !!

Im not totally sold on the tree, still developing can control. Over all Im happy with the outcome...... 

These are some progressive shots of creating the mural. I thought that some peeps might like to see how I work or it might give you and idea  how it was created...... I hope you like it.

Ive been practicing my game show girl stance in the mirror..... I think that I can say it been time well spent....taaadaaaaa  !!!!!

peace reboot


Sarah Kate said...

Awesome, turned out really well!

Love the video you posted "Up There" too, im gonna repost it on facebook :)

Reboot said...

thanks Sarah
Im not totally happy with the tree. but thanks for the comments. Yeh the "up There" vid is just beautiful. I just skipped over to your blog. Your new studio looks really comfortable.

peace Reboot