Reboot (re:'bu:t) -vb
A term that comes from computer usage. To reboot a computer is to start it up again after a computer crash. Hence, “reboot” has the connotation of starting a process over again.

While always harboring an affection for street art and the graffiti scene. it wasn’t until later in life that Reboot started to become involved. After spending a year in London and stumbling onto some early 2001 Banksy pieces, Reboot started to do his own research into stenciling.

The following years Reboot spent teaching himself the basics in stencil art, with more defeats then wins. Reboot would like to thank the crew that have pass through for their enthusiasm and support to the stencil movement.

Reboot loves, sushi, cold coopers, girls in summer dresses, his nephews, hip hop, people who laugh soooo hard they snort, caffeine & nicotine, girls walking around his house in nothing but one of his Ramones shirts, Takas kitchen, sarongs, daydreaming, back yard slip n’ slides and you !!!!!  


Norfolk Lanes Festival
Group show
Live Spray


Feast Your Eyes 2-
Group Show
@ Fremantle Art Center

Feast Your Eyes 
Group Show
@ Tumtum Lane

RSPCA - Exhibition
Charity , group show
@ Little Creatures, Fremantle

Famous When Dead
Solo show
@ Lick Clothing, Fremantle

Little Stenciler
Live  painting
@ Little Creatures, Fremantle

MelBurners For Burmer
Charity group show
@ The Lounge, Melbourne

Melbourne Stencil Festival-08
Group Show

Fire Aid
Charity , group show
Melbourne Stencil Festival-07
Group Show

Unsent Love Letters
Solo Show @ Clancys Fish Pub,