Monday, December 15, 2008

Its been a while

WOW its been over a year since i have posted anything. Yeah Im a bit lazy. ok Lest have a quick up date on whats been going on.

first off at the start of the year i did a live spray out the back of little creatures. Nice sun weekend and the beers were a flowing. i sold a few canvases as well which is always a bonus

drinking while you stencil is the only way

I thought that it would be nice to do a little canvas that incorporated the little creatures logo. They ended up buying it from me
one of the other canvases i painted on the day
I was also selected this year to exhibit in the 2008 Melbourne Stencil festival. Unfortunately I was unable to go over this year due to other commitments but i will definitely be heading over as soon as I can.
I sent these two over to melbs
all packed up ready for posting...... the angel canvas sold on opening night. wooow hoooo
Ive also been running some after school and holiday stencil classes which have been tones of fun.Just a random canvas I created. i was trying to get a pic of a girl picking her nose? not sure if this one works?
A special canvas for a special person. My first real try at multi layer photo real stencils. Im happy with it.

Just the other day i did my first legal wall. Ive had my eye on this wall for a long time. I ask the owner of the house and she was cool with my design. Studies and general life got in the way of completing it earlier. But know its up. these are some of the progressive shots.

first off buffed the wall

can you see the fuck up ?? balancing on the harder was tricky. as the brick wall is only i brick wide. Im going to hire scaffolding next time

well the plan is to repaint this wall every month or so. Im thinking that the next one might be a collaboration with some over local artists.

So most of the goals i set out at the start of the year came to fruition. Next year Im planning to do a solo or colab show. peace out.......

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